By data4u
19 Jun 2014 17:09

Prophetic word for Denmark / Päivi Heikkilä 28.1.2014

Vision of the Map of Denmark with some key cities and the word "Blow the Shofar on Mount Zion!" for mobilizing God's Army and for preparing the Body of Christ

It's my time for your nation Denmark! Rise up to your destiny in the end times of the nations of Norden. I'm calling you to stand up and prepare my people for this time. Now is the year of Decision, whom you will serve; your own life or Me!

Commander in Chief is blowing the Shofar over Denmark


Attention! Wake up! Move!

-       He is blowing down the high towers in your life which have been your worldly goals in life -

To make you able to see His goals

-       He is blowing the Shofar to gather you together for you all are scattered on the walls

-       The Voice of His Shofar is opening your spiritual eyes to see your calling and who you are in Him - also to see others like this (no more according the flesh)

-       He is showing to you the plan He has for Denmark - The map and the war map. The map;

There are some key cities He wants to be prepared for Him. He will show how.

-       He is building His Army in Denmark- the generals and the troops

-       He is calling His people to the river to see who is suitable for Him (like Gideon; ?And the number of those who lapped, putting their hand to their mouth, was three hundred men. The New King James Version, and the original text in the Bible), if they are willing to drink from the Hand of God (the fivefold ministry gifts).

-       The final fight for the nations is drawing near for the final harvest. He is preparing His people (Eph. 4:10-12).

-       The generals are to come together to do the war map as He is showing. He is taking those He want to the Mountain to see the plan. Those who are seeking Him, as He has been calling them. They are Elijahs of this time; they will prepare this nation for Him. They will turn the people from disobedience to righteous mind. The fathers (the fivefold ministers) to the children (the saints) and the children to the fathers. They are also gathering the young and the old together.

-       The apostles and the prophets will lead with the pastors; this is a challenge and will reveal if the Cornerstone has been put in place or is forsaken. Those who forsake the Cornerstone will be forsaken, as He has said, He will come only if they say ?Blessed is the one who comes in His Name (not in their own name). Many wine yards have been stolen like Jezebel did. They have forgotten who the Owner is. Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

-       He is saying: Bow down and listen to Me.

-       In many places they have started to build their own houses on the Mountain of His Glory. Hear the Father saying: This is My Beloved Son; listen to Him!

-       I'm not only building My Army, as I call you to fight for your cities and nation. I'm preparing My Body, My Bride in the process. I bring you together to receive your selves the way you belong to the Body to make it complete.

-       I'm bringing love and unity as you fight together for the common goal

-       I wake your love for Me as it was first

-       I make you beautiful and it will be said of you; "Who is this who rises up beautiful as Moon, so frightening as an Army?"

-       This will be close to the time, when the Moon and the Sun will go together to their Chamber. I'm coming to take you to my Chamber and to be with Me always.


Vision during the Bedehus Denmark gathering 29.1.2014; Angels in Heaven writing down the name of your cities and the things you were praying for your city.